Created by: Word Up Amsterdam

Diversity and Inclusion through spoken word and creativity.


Word Up Podcast is a podcast based on interviews with creators, creatives and stories behind their art and craft. It is a sound designed and produced podcast recorded in person by Ennio Burleson from Burgundy Sound Studio and hosted by Evy and Bill (seasons 3 – on) and Evy and Webster (season 1-2). It is a product of Word Up organization that promotes social inclusion and diversity through spoken word poetry and creativity.


general purpose and aims: to highlight diverse voices of creators that are not always heard, to provide an accessible way to carry on stories and highlight personalities that inspire.


description of the activity: The podcast is recorded live and in person and then sound designed and engineered. Once the season is going, it’s published every other Tuesday.


who can be included in it: anyone! we aim at including especially marginalized individuals or people at risk of social exclusion (for instance for a migratory background etc). We collaborated with the African Diaspora Summit and we often create events (slam poetry etc) open to everybody.


special needs tackled: We provide high-quality sound experience and lighthearted but serious conversations – podcast is available on audio and as a transcript online on our website.

needs for specific tools / hardware / supports: device to listen a podcast on. no subscription fees, etc.

How is this activity inclusive?

It’s available and accessible for anyone and it is tackling issues from mental health to LGBT+, marginalized and struggling individuals, etc.

How do you think it could be further developed / improved in terms of inclusion?

 We are open to your suggestions! Please feel free to contact us!

For more information please contact
Evelina Kvartunaite: