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StreetSmart Play is an interactive content-sharing platform with hundreds of fun and attractive educational activities, designed by youth workers and educators from all over the world. StreetSmart Play is a realization of and is available in English, French and Spanish and is available on


General purpose and aims:

  • Enhance the quality of youth work and non-formal education
  • Share your activity with our worldwide community.


Description of the activity

  • Enhance the quality of your youth work

Boost your youth work interventions with the help of our online StreetSmart Play platform. Browse and select non-formal educational activities for your target group and spice up your interventions with a pinch of impactful fun.

  • Hundreds of educational game activities

High-quality youth work demands high-quality materials! Quickly find over 300+ educational activities and methodologies on a wide variety of relevant topics. With regular updates and game suggestions, there is just never a time to run out of inspiration.

  • No time to lose, just choose

Time is your scarcest resource! Step-by-step game explanation, clear pictures, videos, downloadable manuals and printable game boards make sure your prep time is limited to an absolute minimum.

  • Share your game with our worldwide community

Youth work experts are found all over the world but sharing knowledge efficiently has proven to be difficult. StreetSmart Play to the rescue! Upload your best games with the help of the user-friendly wizard, increase your impact and inspire educators and teachers across the globe.


Who can be included in it

Accessible and useful for everyone working with (vulnerable) children and youth in non-formal education.


Special needs tackled

Most materials designed by StreetSmart are developed for street-connected children.


Needs for specific tools / hardware / supports

StreetSmart Play is a mobile-friendy website, accessible for free from any device.

More documentation at: blog post available here.

How is this activity inclusive?

All materials are available for free and available in multiple languages. Game boards can be downloaded and printed to play with children and youngsters in any environment.

How do you think it could be further developed / improved in terms of inclusion?

We invite everyone to share their best activities through the user-friendly wizard on our platform. Besides StreetSmart Play, we have been developing other tools to support youth workers in their valuable work, that can work together with it. StreetSmart Wheels is an integrated outreach methodology offering a mobile school. StreetSmart Impact is a case management and impact measurement application for your smartphone.

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