Play4Equality Digital Game

Created by: Portuguese Red Cross Youth


This is a digital game to be completed at the end of march 2022. Available for free download via PlayStore and Apple Store. 

The game raises awareness on gender equality, human trafficking and violence in intimate relations. 

Choose-your-own adventure type of game where players play through a fictitious smartphone with different apps interacting with other characters. We follow a week within a group of friends that are trying to make arrangements for the weekend and we follow their lives and dilemmas. 

The game can be played individually or within a group and it can be self-facilitated or  facilitated by a youth worker. 

Only the Portuguese version is available yet. 


General purpose and aims

The game raises awareness of young people on gender issues, human trafficking and violence in relationships


Who can be included in it

Young people (mostly teenagers – 13yo to 16 yo)


Special needs tackled

Players can choose characters according to gender: male, female or non-binary


needs for specific tools / hardware / supports

Playable on a smartphone or PC

How is this activity inclusive?

The players can choose their character according to gender: male, female or non-binary; the whole game is based on gender equality issues.

The language used is common and accessible to young people.

There will also be an audio version for visually impaired young people. Special attention was also given to non-binary language.

How do you think it could be further developed / improved in terms of inclusion?

Having an audio version of the game for visual impaired people and making it more accessible to young people with poor digital skills

For more information please contact

Luís Saldanha (