Created by: NGO Changemakers



Changemakers Academy was a two-month competition where youngsters (ages of 14-22) were divided into teams and partnered with a social enterprise (SE). The goal was to come up with marketing solutions for their SE. All participants received workshops about teamwork and marketing. Additionally, they received a personal mentor who created a comfortable yet productive environment for the entire team.


General purpose and aims: 

  • Youth have the skills to meaningfully participate in democratic society – they have  been  engaged  into  constructively  thinking  about  and  creating  positive  solutions  /  improvements  for  the  society  they  live  in.
  • Diverse communities work together around common agendas, building trust and positive perspectives – Estonian  and  Russian  youth  have  been  experienced  and  reflected  upon  cross-cultural  teamwork  while  striving  for  common  objectives  and  acquiring  21st  century  skills. 
  • The  concept  of  social  enterprises  and  their  role  in  Estonian  communities  have  been  introduced  to  Russian  and  Estonian  youth,  including  the  use  of  communication  outputs  prepared  by  the  youth  themselves.
  • Institutions connect with diverse communities and build social cohesion – Adult  leaders  and  team  members  of  Estonian  social  enterprises  have  taught  and  learned  from  the  members  of  the next  generation. 


Who can be included in it: 

Changemakers Academy had different parties involved:

  • Participants – youth aged 14-22 from all around the country. Around 100 youngsters were involved.
  • Mentors – people aged 18-26 with the background of marketing or youthwork.
  • Social enterprises – preffered were small to medium sized enterprises as then youth have more freedom and ability to help and influence the marketing plan.


Special needs tackled: 

Changemakers Academy had a goal of integrating Estonian and Russian speaking youth together.


Needs for specific tools / hardware / supports: 

As Changemakers Academy was organized with a bigger scope, the help of a technical event enteprise was needed. Although the program could have been done without it as well, it was a nice added value and maintained good quality and experience.

How is this activity inclusive?

Changemakers Academy involved various different parties and as it was learning-by-doing program, the youth themselves designed their experiences the most. Organizers and mentors were just giving some structure or guidance, but otherwise youth themselves in a way created the program.

How do you think it could be further developed / improved in terms of inclusion?

There could be even more parties involved, especially from the formal education. So far some schools were collaborating and accepting Changemakers Academy to be as an elective course for students, but no further collaboration was done.


For more information please contact:

Merili Ginter,