5: Competences for digital inclusion - pt. 1

In episode 5, we started with a general overview of the competence model for youth workers, the attendant competences and the ongoing revision needed to facilitate the expansion of the digital dimension… We also discussed the fact that

inclusion in digital youth work should start by incorporating the many achievements and milestones derived from analysis of inclusive youth work to date, and then focusing on the new elements introduced by virtue of the digital environments they are within.

The discussion went on, tackling what could be the possible learning from a cross sectoral review of digital inclusion, analysing how inclusion in digital environments has been defined by formal education and tech/business environments.

Often, the youth sector is late in analysing the impact of new phenomena, and digitalisation is just the latest example of this.

A new generation of training efforts is needed, together with some time for reflection on the great number of experiments and amount of learning which took place during the months of lockdown and the pandemic, forcing everybody to deal with digital environments, often without proper preparation and speeding up the process of digitalisation from the other side.