Merili Ginter

Merili Ginter has worked with the themes of social entrepreneurship, soft skills development, young people and youth work for over 5 years.


She has worked at Changemakers since 2017. Merili has been the organiser of various youth programs: physical, virtual and hybrid. Thanks to the work done, they have received over 9 awards nationally. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education and Culture has contracted Changemakers and Merili to develop a digital board game for youth to develop their entrepreneurial skills around Estonian secondary and high schools.


Merili considers social entrepreneurship as one of her passions and has been a great role model for youth as she has done various initiatives herself as well. For example, throughout high school she did a charity project “Our Effort” that gathered about 100 000 euros and gained media attention from over 25 sources.


Merili is currently obtaining her master’s degree in Marketing and Financial Management in University of Tartu.



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