Kadri Maripuu

Kadri has worked in technology sector for past 16 years. Coming from private sector, she has found her tribe in NGOs and youth work. She likes to explore how people interact with technology, and how technology allows us to create a change in the communities. On the same time, she deeply cares about the environment and during the past years she has been focusing on topics like sustainable living, climate change and circular economy.


She has been working for SALTO Participation & Information (SALTO PI) for 2,5 years supporting the team on digital matters. For the past year she has been taken on a role of a coordinator in digital transformation, focusing on EU Youth Programmes (Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps) and its’ priorities.

When she is not behind the computer or on a call, she is probably exploring the nature and forests or enjoying the waves with adventure-dog Zorro.

You can contact Kadri via: