Antti Korhonen

Antti Korhonen (BA of Social Sciences) is a Youth Work Coordinator at the Marttinen Youth Centre, which is one of the 9 national youth centres in Finland mandated by the state in the Youth Act, and supervised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. He has spent a large part of the past two years working at the Marttinen Youth Centre, in advancing its international coordination. He has been involved in developing the actions of the youth centre to acquire the Council of Europe’s Quality Label for Youth Centres.  For the last 10 years he has been involved in various organisations, networks and projects around Finland, supporting groups, initiatives and projects focused mainly on topics of activating youth, supporting learning processes and the quality of (international) youth work within the framework of the Erasmus+ and ESC programs. He is also a facilitator / trainer in different kinds of European training processes, also outside of Finland.