Local youth entrepreneurship program -Changemakers Academy

Changemakers Academy was a two-month competition where youngsters (ages of 14-22) were divided into teams and partnered with a social enterprise (SE). The goal was to come up with marketing solutions for their SE. All participants received workshops about teamwork and marketing. Additionally, they received a personal mentor who created a comfortable yet productive environment for the entire team.

Emplay – Employability Tools

Employability Tools is a transnational project, supported by Erasmus +, under Strategic Partnerships for Youth (Key-Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices).

They are a set of physical and digital devices to work on employability competences with groups or individuals.

FLOW – Facilitating, Learning, Organising and Welcoming! A critical Training of Trainers

“FLOW – Facilitating, Learning, Organising and Welcoming! A critical Training of Trainers” was a Training of Trainers with a special focus on peace education and inclusion. It consisted of three elements: an online preparation period; an online training course that took place twice: once in March and once in April; and a follow-up period. The 26 organisations were involved in the two training sessions from across Europe. 50+ participants attended. Participants consisted of volunteers, staff and activists of volunteering and youth organisations across Europe.

StreetSmart Play

StreetSmart Play is an interactive content-sharing platform with hundreds of fun and attractive educational activities, designed by youth workers and educators from all over the world. StreetSmart Play is a realization of MobileSchool.org and is available in English, French and Spanish and is available on http://play.street-smart.be.

Urban Planning Challenge

A creative process with the aid of digital technology, to imagine how a playground or play equipment can be transformed in order to make it more inclusive.

Word Up

Word Up Podcast is a podcast based on interviews with creators, creatives and stories behind their art and craft. It is a sound designed and produced podcast recorded in person by Ennio Burleson from Burgundy Sound Studio and hosted by Evy and Bill (seasons 3 – on) and Evy and Webster (season 1-2). It is a product of Word Up organization that promotes social inclusion and diversity through spoken word poetry and creativity.

Year in Pixels

The Year in Pixels (YIP) is a colorful leaflet which was developed during online meetings held between March and August 2020 as either a digital and analog tool.

The general purpose and aims of this tool is for young people to explore what self-care means, to recognise the importance of self-care and to develop skills and abilities to recognize, put words and record feelings on the YIP grid. This will act as a means for developing their own self-awareness and self-care and for recognizing the feelings of others.